Currency Exchange Toronto

Looking for the BEST currency exchange rates in Toronto? Get UNBEATABLE currency exchange rates with Lock-in your exchange rate at 416-479-0834 or 1-877-355-5239 (KBFX).

Currency Exchange Recommendations in Toronto

Cash Exchange and Amount Under $5,000 for US dollars, Euro's and British Pounds
There are a number of places to exchange currency in Toronto. If you require physical cash currency, then you will need to find a place that handles physical cash exchange. TD Toronto foreign exchange services is located in downtown Toronto and has physical cash for you to buy. You simply walk up to the counter and exchange your currency. You can also give them a call ahead of time to see if they have your currency on hand. However, the exchange rate at TD is a "cash rate" and this has a substantial markup, which can be up to 2% even more.

Large Currency Exchange Above US$5,000
If you do not need physical cash currency (i.e. you have a US dollar account and can accept US dollar funds in your bank account) and need to buy or sell US dollars in amounts of $5,000 or more, give Toronto based Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange a call at 416-479-0834.

This will give you the best exchange rate and will save you the most amount of money compared to using the Canadian banks. The savings estimate is 1.5% to 2% compared to your bank's exchange rate. They call the banks every morning and then ensure their exchange rates are better. Everything can be exchanged within a day. The larger your transaction, the better the exchange rate you will receive.


Currency Exchange Tips For Beginners

No airports.  If you are buying physical cash, do not buy it at the airport.  Airport rent is expensive and so are the markups at the airport on currency exchange.  Downtown currency exchange places also have high rents, so the markup can be high too.

Ask them to lock in a rate for you.  A currency exchange company should be willing to lock in a rate for you so you know the price you are willing to pay and how much currency you will get.

Service charges and commission.  Ask them what the service charges and commissions are before you go to the place to buy currency.



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