Currency Exchange Toronto

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How to Compare Exchange Rates?

  Bank Spread % Source
  Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 2.6% RBC Exchange Rates
  TD Bank 2.6% TD Exchange Rates
  Scotia Bank 2.8% Scotia Bank Exchange Rates
  Bank of Montreal (BMO) 2.6% BMO Exchange Rates
  CIBC 3.3% CIBC Exchange Rates
  Desjardins 2.5% Desjardins Exchange Rates
  HSBC 2.1% HSBC Exchange Rates
  Bank of Canada 0.0% Bank of Canada
  Knightsbridge FX 0.1%-0.5% KnightsbridgeFX


The best way to compare currency exchange rates is to use the table above or call each bank directly. Simply ask them if you wanted to buy US $1,000, how much in Canadian would you have to pay? This will give you the amount in Canadian dollars. Divide the number of Canadian dollars needed to purchase $1,000 and this will give you the implied exchange rate.

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