Currency Exchange Toronto

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Questions to Ask a Currency Exchange Company

Here are some questions to ask a currency exchange company

  • Lock in an exchange rate.  Ask if a currency exchange company will lock in a rate for you AND if they will provide you written confirmation of the rate before you send funds.  This is important so the rate does not change on you.  Reputable companies will gladly provide you written confirmation of the exchange rate so you know exactly how much you are sending and how much you are getting in return.
  • Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau?  Currency exchange companies that are registered with the BBB have a good way of handling third party complaints and have a better reason to protect their reputation.

  • Are they 100% Canadian owned and operated?  You want to make sure you are working with a 100% Canadian currency exchange company.  You will feel better to know your company is based in Toronto rather than some other part of the world. Canadian companies work with Canadian banks.


  • Are they registered with FINTRAC?  All money exchange companies in Canada must be registered with FINTRAC. There are no circumstances in which you should work with a money exchange company if they are not registered with FINTRAC.

This is a good starting point list of questions you can ask a currency exchange company based in Toronto.