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How to transfer currency in US dollars to the USA?

If you need to make a payment to someone in the USA, then you will need to do one of the following: 1) send a wire transfer in US dollars; 2) send a cheque or draft in US dollars; 3) Go and give cash

To send a wire transfer, you need cleared funds in your bank account.  You go to your bank and tell them you want to make a wire transfer.  They will give you a form to fill out.  This form needs the name and address of the sender, purpose of the transaction, and the name and address of the recipient.  The bank name and address for the recipient.  If you are sending US dollars to the USA, you will need the bank SWIFT code, or you can use the bank ABA or routing number.  You will also need the account number of the recipient.

If you are sending a cheque or draft, you can go to your bank and get a certified cheque or a draft in US dollars and mail it to the recipient.  Obviously, it will take some time to get there by mail.  Lastly, US banks can put the draft from Canadian banks on hold.  It is not uncommon for drafts and cheques to be put on hold for 14 to 30 days!  Wire transfer is the preferred method for cleared funds.

If you are giving cash, this is best for small dollar amounts.  You need to declare cash at the border.


Wire transfer fees by each bank?

A wire transfer is used when you want to send money from one bank to another bank or from one person to another person.  A wire transfer is an electronic transfer.  A wire transfer costs money.  Usually the sending and the receiving bank will charge to process the wire.

Here are wire transfer fees by each bank (they vary by amount):

TD:  $30+.  Source:

BMO: $25+ Source:


RBC: $20+ Source:

Scotia: n/a, please call them directly.

CIBC: $30+, Source:

It is important to note that currency exchange companies often offer free wire transfers.

If you do a lot of business at your bank, you can ask the teller to give you a preferred wire transfer rate, they can usually cut it a bit lower based on your transaction history.  Sometimes they can make it cheaper sometimes they won’t based on the teller and manager you get.


What information do you need for a wire transfer?

To send a wire transfer to the USA, you need the following:

  • Name and address of the recipient
  • Bank name and address of recipient
  • SWIFT Code (each bank has a swift code)
  • ABA or Routing code (similar to a branch transit number in Canada)
  • Account Number
  • Name and Address of the sender
  • Sometimes you need to tell them the purpose of the transaction


How to send money to the usa?

The best method to send money to the USA is by wire transfer. Wire transfers are cleared funds and are available immediately with no hold period at all on the receivers side.  Wire transfers can also be tracked electronically through the Canadian and US banking system.


What is online bill payment for currency exchange?

Currency exchange companies are often setup with as online bill payees with certain institutions. This means you can send money to them directly from your online banking account.  This is generally fee free and convenient. It is just like paying a bill to hydro or your credit card.



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